Welcome to Tamayo Autodesguaces, a new way to understand the salvaging of out-of-use-vehicles.

In Tamayo Autodesguaces we have a new way of implementing the concept of salvaging - making it an investment in the future, a clean and ecological future, in which all our efforts move in one and the same direction, that of protecting the environment.

In the following pages we will show you a little bit of our company's philosophy and our service. We will also describe our methodology and salvaging process which is controlled by a computer system specifically adapted to our business sector. All this for one simple reason, to offer the best quality in all our service:

Respect for the environment.

Founded in the early 70s, Tamayo Autodesguaces is a family company which is dedicated to the recuperation and recycling of dismantled, scrapped, and junked vehicles.

In 1980 the company began a new process related to the recuperation and salvaging of out-of-use-vehicles.
Nowadays it is one of the most important companies in the sector of vehicle recuperation, salvaging and sale of recycled vehicle parts, nation-wide and overseas.
From its beginnings the company has been run according to the principles of seriousness, efficiency ans constant service. Thanks to these principles we have developed one of our strongest points, which is faithfulness of our extensive clientele, who relies on our services everyday.


We have at our disposal one of the largest stocks of salvaged vehicles in Spain. At the moment more than 5.000 vehicles are recycled at our plant each year. We possess 25.000 m2 facilities and more than 6.000 m2 salvage yards for this purpose.

In Tamayo Autodesguaces, our commitment to the environment has helped us evolve, improving the professionalism of our personnel and updating our machinery. The primary objective of all these efforts being the protection of the environment for the health and benefit of future generations.

Our objective is made possible through the continous improvement of our plants, projecting a new image for salvaging that will operate in the immediate future. An image which will reflect order, classification and professioanlism in a sector whose fundamental concern is care for the environment.


With our fleet of vehicles, we deliver spare parts same-day throughout Catalonia.

We deliver to the rest of Spain within 24 hours.

Tamayo Autodesguaces, S.L.

Crta de Barcelona a Puigcerdá Km. 35.2

La Garriga, Barcelona



We always have a huge stock of products which are available to you at very low prices.

In this section you can have a look at the variety and quantity of what we have to offer.

Following our corporate policy of giving complete attention to all the needs concerning the world of vehicles, we have created a section of new spare parts. In this section you will be able to find all kinds of spare parts and accessories for you vehicle at very competitive prices.

Apart from new spare parts, we also have a considerable stock of refurbished spare parts; bearings, clutches, buts, etc.

You can have a look at our special prices for garages.


At the moment more than 5.000 vehicles are processed every year on our premises. Upon entering our premises, vehicles are thouroughly cleaned by our personnel. Particular attention is paid to the careful removal of any polutants or contaminants the vehicle may contain.

Then the spare parts which can be recycled are inspected and tested.

Afterwards our mechanics dismantle the parts which have been previously selected for salvaging.

After dismantling, parts must be carefully tested.

Finally, parts are labelled and catalogued for sale.

All calls and orders are managed by a great work team. They have at their disposal the latest computer tecnology which can be applied to the management of incoming orders by telephone.


We offer our customers a considerable stocks of half-new tyres, in very good condition and in all sizes.


We have a wide variety af brand names (well-known and lesser known brand names and retreaded tyres), described in detail as follows:



  - CONTINENTAL (second name: SEMPERIT)
  - GOODYEAR (second name: KELLY)
  - MICHELIN (secon name: KLEBER)
  - INSA TURBO (recauchutado)

Just ask us and we will prepare an estimate for you without obligation.




We have a brand new and modern system for cold repair of aluminium wheels.

Our repaired wheels come with a guarantee of total security.

The repair system is completely secure and effective.

Our company is authorized by "Departament de Medi Ambient de la Generalitat de Catalunya", to manage vehicle remains. The authorization number is E-448.97

We offer you the complete management of you own vehicle remains: including batteries, filters, oil, antifreeze solution, scrap iron, glass, ...

We offer the following services:
- Management.
- Pickup.
- Transport.
- Estimation.
The solution to your vehicle remains.




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